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New version of YouMayLikeIt.com

I launched the new version of http://www.youmaylikeit.com. The new version focuses on making excellent meal plans based on current sales at your local grocery stores. It already has tons of features, and I’m adding more every day.

You can always read the YouMayLikeIt blog at http://www.youmaylikeit.com/blog/

Revised personal site

I finally updated my personal site. It’s at http://www.michaelnehring.com.

Make money online

I’ve created another website. This time around I compiled a list of local consumer research companies that do focus groups. You can sign up with these companies to participate, and if you are selected for a study, you typically get between $50 and $200, depending on the study. I have a nation-wide list with hundreds of locations. You can check it out at http://makemoney.michaelshowto.com

Bank Owned Houses in Wake County

I’m currently working on creating a real estate website, and I’ve got one aspect of the website to be production-ready.br /br /There are many sites that advertise heavily claiming to give you information about foreclosures (for example, RealtyTrac.com). However, these websites usually require you to become a member, which costs ridiculous amounts and they have a reputation for terrible customer service (not canceling memberships even when asked) and for having out of date or simply incorrect data.br /br /Now, with a little bit of searching, one can usually find out if a given house is bank-owned by searching public records. I set up a database search program to go through all public records in Wake County, NC and find a list of bank owned houses. I then sub-categorized these houses (by city, cost, size, government owned, etc) and mapped them using the Google Maps API. You can see the result here:

New How-To Website

For a while I was writing for eHow, but in a recent effort to stop people from posting spam How-To’s, they set up a robot to disable the accounts of spammers. Anyhow, as those of you who use e-mail spam filters know, sometimes spam makes it to the inbox and sometimes good messages get put in the spam folder. So, eHow mistaken blocked my account. (Maybe the same thing has happened to you.) You get this message:br /br /Your account has been disabled. If you think eHow made a mistake by disabling youraccount, please email us at member_service@ehow.com.

The first thing to note that is that the email address they give is wrong. It should be member.service@ehow.com.

Update: they have since fixed the email address. The error is now:br /Your account has been disabled. If you think eHow made a mistake by disabling youraccount, please email us at member.service@ehow.com.

And since they a probably dealing with hundreds or thousands of mistakenly disabled accounts, it’s taking them a while. They are currently in the process of manually reviewing my account. Anyhow, I decided in that time to set up my own how-to website while I wait for them to re-enable my account. The website is:


I’ve put up most of my articles, excluding some of my most popular articles that I am going to refine and put up in the next few days. While my site won’t have the scope of eHow, it should be fun nonetheless.

Upstairs project – Done!

I got my permits for the upstairs project on 7/11/2007 – before Lisa was born. It took a lot of work and a long time, but on 3/27/2009, I finally got the last inspection approved. The next day I got the certificate of occupancy in the mail. So, now we have a huge house (1123 square feet – not actually huge) with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It’s nice to have the project done with!

Video for contest entry

My brother, Blin, created a video for entry into a contest. Part of the score is the number of YouTube views, and it’s a really good video, so you can see it here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=8CAWu_XbztY

Upstairs project

I finally got started on it! The big one! The upstairs project:-). I will be converting out 240 square foot upstairs area into a master suite (if anything that small can be called a master suite). The permits cost $280, but they were issued the same day (20 minutes later – and the people working there were very friendly). There are a total of 9 inspections I think (3 for framing, 2 plumbing, 2 electrical, 2 HVAV/mechanical).

However, words are boring. Pictures are fun. Click here for pictures (this album will be updated as the project progresses.).

Direct Banking Bargains

span class=”content”span class=”content” style=”color:#505050;” i”I have decided to post an informational article for those of us who are interested in this new trend of “direct banking”. Direct banking offers high interest, FDIC insured (i.e., basically no risk) savings accounts that offer minimal customer service. I will be comparing historical rates as I continue to update the page. Click here to get the latest on direct banking. Banks include FNBODirect, HSBCDirect, EmigrantDirect, ING Direct, UFBDirect, PayPal (not a bank!), GMAC Bank, Washing Mutual (aka WaMu), CitiBank, VirtualBank, iGOBanking, and eTrade. I also include the bank’s ABA numbers in one convenient location. Again, click here for this article. I hope to update it about once a month.

Finally a quick update

Finally time for a little update. Most everyone knows this already, but I haven’t posted it on the website yet. Nadja is pregnant!! She’s in her 4th month now and the baby is due October 28th, at about 7:32PM (after I come home from work, and have had a little to eat!). Click “read more…” to see the rest.

This semester at NCSU is winding down. The coming week is the so called “dead week”, because everyone wishes they were dead. Ha ha, just kidding. It’s the last week of classes where professors cannot have tests or give assignments of any significant nature. The following week is the first week of finals. They start April 30 and end May 8. I have finals on both the first and last days, but since I’m not traveling right after, I don’t care.

I now have a nice job with a nice company called WebAssign. They have a math and sciences online homework system that randomizes the problems so that each student has a unique problem (solved by the same methods, but the parameters of the problem are unique to the student). This allows for collaboration, but makes it impossible to simply copy answers (in most cases) because the right answer for one person, is wrong for another person. I have two jobs there. One is to code the questions, and the other is to test questions.

Nadja and I will be taking an extended trip to Germany this summer. Yay. Tickets have been booked (and weren’t the cheapest things on this planet!). Since my job at WebAssign is not inherently tied to an office, I can work while in Germany, so that we don’t go broke.

I recently added some storage space to the house by cutting a hole in the wall in our upstairs. See the pictures in the Gallery under North Carolina, Our House, Attic.

I posted some pictures of our yard in the North Carolina, Our House, Yard folder. Also, I posted some new cat pictures under North Carolina, Cats.

The ultra sound picture is at the bottom of the main gallery page. It’s a blob!