Web designer, mathematician, entrepreneur
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Here are some websites that I have created.

This is a website dedicated to telecommuting and finding telecommute jobs. I really think telecommuting is a wonderful trend, and I would like to help it grow. This site includes a search engine that will let you search multiple ob boards for telecommute jobs.

You May Like It
This is a free dinner menu planning tool that runs on Facebook. It lets you create a virtual pantry to manage shopping and create dinner menus so you have a plan for your food.

Make Money Doing Consumer Research
There are tons of websites that will sell you lists of companies that do focus groups and other consumer research so that you can be paid to be a consumer. Why pay for that if I can give it to you for free? I searched for hundreds of focus group and consumer research companies. I’ve categorized them by location and give you instructions on how to become part of the list. NOte: you’ll never make enough money to quit your job doing this!

RoadSide Software
RoadSide Software was originally my software company. I made some nice utilities to help the good old Windows 95/98/ME computers run faster. Now Microsoft has fixed most of those performance issues (and computers are more powerful and bandwidth is more plentiful), so the tools became outdated. Now I just link to some of my favorite free software tools.

Michael’s How-To
For a while I wrote how-to- articles for eHow, which is a great website. However, their SPAM-detection robot mistakenly thought one of my articles was SPAM, so it shut down my account. Since my articles were worth publishing, I decided to publish them myself.